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Hip Pain in Millburn, NJ


Hip pain can make it difficult to function. It can hurt to do daily activities like walking and sitting. The conservative care we offer is a great first option for patients to consider when suffering from hip problems. Many benefits can come from seeking orthopedic treatment from Dr. Naik.

Many causes of hip pain are biomechanical. Alta Orthopedics of Millburn is trained in the manual medicine approach that looks at the following assessments to better diagnose your hip pain:

  • manual therapies such as mobilization, manipulation and therapeutic exercises
  • orthopedic tests
  • ergonomic training

Since technology is changing so fast, it is leading to many advancements in hip surgery. Oftentimes, the pain felt in the hip can lead to knee and ankle pain as well. By treating the lower half of your body as a whole, we can better isolate the root cause of the issue.

When you visit our office for hip pain, Alta Orthopedics of Millburn can better diagnose to make sure all these areas are working optimally.

In many cases, hip pain can be caused by osteoarthritis or as a result of an injury. For the first time in history, the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) has recommended that manual therapy, if added to exercise or rehabilitation, may further benefit hip or knee osteoarthritis.

We offer this type of specialized treatment plan and can prevent or delay major surgery while benefiting hip or knee pain related to osteoarthritis.

Call our office today to start your personalized treatment to get you walking again and sitting pain-free!

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